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Based in Cornwall, our rugged coastline, stunning natural beauty, and flourishing creative scene is what drives us. We specialise in working with purpose-driven brands and businesses who are looking to tell stories in innovative and engaging ways.

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There's no better way to engage your audience than good old fashioned storytelling. We work to fully understand your brand and purpose in order to tell a compelling story and keep viewers engaged. From Pre-Production to delivery, we've got it covered.

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Drones are an extremely versatile new tool that can provide incredible new perspectives. With a PfCO from the CAA and insurance that covers all kinds of risk, we regard them as tools, not toys, and have all the necessary paperwork to fly safely.

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Seeing many hours pass in the space of a few seconds can be incredibly compelling. We can produce the coveted 'day-to-night' timelapse, smoothly transitioning as the sun goes down in one continuous video, as well as multiple axis timelapse.



Every business needs creative imagery that makes you look your best. Whether its studio-quality product shots, or reportage stills of your workshop, we can produce images to the highest standard and deliver for any requirement


Leyline Creative’s aerial footage has brought a level of professional sheen to our corporate work that clients love and their customers are always impressed by. Lewis’ straightforward and practical nature combined with his expertise in both photo and video means that he’s an absolute joy to work with.
— Speed Communications


Who's behind all this?

It's me, Lewis Gillingham, very nice to meet you. Here's a bit about why I do my thing:

An Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, I have a degree in Natural History Photography and have spent the last few years producing content for a rainforest charity. I've flown drones in the Amazon, interviewed in the coastal forests of Papua New Guinea, and filmed top-end chefs 60 floors above central London. I also like to work with designer-makers, sustainable small businesses, and NGOs.

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