Case Study: Greeb

Raising over £6000.00 of Kickstarter funding in a month, we worked with Greeb to produce the visuals they needed to get their product off of the drawing board, and in to production.

A new studio that designs the entire product life-cycle to create products with a positive impact, from manufacture to end-of-life, Greeb came to us when they wanted to launch their first product ‘Quercus’.

It’s important to us that we fully understand a brand’s purpose before committing anything to film, and it was out of an understanding of Greeb that led us to create the work that we did. Sustainability, innovation, and their desire to be different were key drivers in producing imagery for the Kickstarter project.


The video was designed to non-verbally show the process of making Quercus. The music and fast cutting expresses Greeb’s non-conventional attitude to product design, and by following the wood we invited the viewer to make the connection between the product on their desk and the woodland it was taken from.



We shot stills in three locations: the studio, a clean office environment, and in a lifestyle situation to suit the requirements of Greeb’s usage - they’d need images for print, as well for the Kickstarter campaign.


Quercus became a featured project on Kickstarter thanks to it’s great concept and strong imagery, this bolstered the traffic leading to over 14,000 video views and £6000 in support.

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Leyline fully understood our brand, story and how we wanted to portray it. They went above and beyond meeting our needs,
— Max Ashford, Founder of Greeb